Endowment Campaign

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AVM Endowment Campaign-Join the Harmony — Build the Ground!

In classical music, the ground or cantus firmus is an underlying melody on which a larger composition is built. What makes up the “ground” in your life? Is it your family and friends, the community where you live and work? And what makes any community a great place to live? The cities and towns of the greater Assabet Valley can boast great stores and restaurants, attractive homes and good schools, but even that “ground” would be incomplete and unsatisfying without music and the arts.

The Assabet Valley Mastersingers (AVM) has added harmony to this rich “ground” for nearly 40 years. Through this campaign (our first ever) we seek to raise $325,000 to establish an endowment, an essential step in securing a financially sustainable future. This endowment, managed by investment professionals, will:

  • * Form the basis for permanent funding of the Artistic Director’s Chair
  • * Enhance our ability to attract corporate and foundation grants
  • * Give us greater freedom in our programming and artistic endeavors
  • * Allow us to continue to keep our performances affordable and accessible to all

Make a tax-deductible contribution either electronically or with the pledge card below.

Join the Harmony – Giving Levels

Bach $25,000
Handel $10,000
Mozart $5,000
Haydn $2,500
Beethoven $1,000
Mendelssohn $500
Brahms $200

Letter from Dr. Eaton

AVM Endowment Campaign Trifold

Pledge card

For more information, please contact manager@AVMsingers.org. For Bequests or Planned Giving please see our Planned Giving page.