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Grace Choi

Assistant Conductor

The Assabet Valley Mastersingers is proud to announce that Grace Choi has been selected as its Assistant Conductor. Ms. Choi is highly respected as a conductor, composer, and pianist. She has conducted choruses, bands, and orchestras in Virginia, Nevada, Georgia, Indiana, and New York among others. She studied choral conducting with Dr. Harold Rosenbaum at New York Virtuoso Singers and Prof. Marguerite Brooks at Yale University. She is presently the Music Director at First Baptist Church of Lexington.

Grace grew up with Classical music loving parents and started learning piano when she was 6 1/2. She enjoyed playing with her siblings and making songs together with various instruments. Recently she began learning piano tuning, medieval harp, and gardening, in addition to her teaching piano and music theory.

Grace Choi
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